Take a spin on Scovill Zoo’s beautiful Endangered Species Carousel! Specially designed for Scovill Zoo, the carousel is unique to Central Illinois. It features 30 colorful, hand-carved wooden animals, representing protected and endangered species from across the globe.

The Endangered Species Carousel offers a unique educational opportunity for visitors and provides an innovative way to encourage kids of all ages to learn more about conservation. From the colorful puffin to the exotic Malayan sunbear, from the unusual capybara to the popular zebra, a one-of-a-kind animal experience awaits you.

You can contribute to this experience! Adopt an Animal aboard our carousel through our Carousel Gift Opportunities. For more information about adopting a carousel animal, please call Kathy Winter at Scovill Zoo: 421-7436.

The ADA-accessible carousel is located at the entrance of Scovill Zoo. Two chariots on the carousel accommodate wheelchairs. Children under 42 inches tall must be accompanied by an adult.

Tickets: $2.25/1.75 for FOZ
Hours: The carousel is open during regular zoo hours and special event times.

For your safety, please abide by all spoken directions as well as the following rules:

  • Use the stirrups for help getting on the animal. Don’t stand or put your feet on any part of the animal.
  • Hold onto the brass pole. Don’t hold onto or hang your belongings on the animal’s ears, tails, or horns.
  • Keep your legs and arms inside the carousel. Don’t throw or drop an object from or toward the carousel.
  • Remain seated (or standing in one place, for accompanying adults) once the carousel is in motion.
  • Dismount only after the carousel comes to a complete stop and the operator says it is safe to move.