Kingdom: Animals
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Camelidae
Species: 7


Bactrian Camel
Range: Gobi Desert and and nearby dry steppe in China and Mongolia
Habitat: Arid areas, including desert, grassland, valleys, and canyons in mountainous areas
Conservation Status: Endangered
Scientific Name: Camelus bactrianus

Bactrian camels have two distinct humps on their backs. Dromedary camels have only one hump. Many think the humps contain water, when actually they contain fat rich with dissolved minerals. Because only an estimated 1,000 Bactrian camels still live in their native range, they are considered an endangered species. However, the majority of the estimated 1.5 million domestic camels of China and Mongolia are domesticated Bactrian camels. Domestic camels are used for transportations, milk, meat, hides, and wool.

Jack (born February 2014) lives outdoors year around, and loves the snow, ice, and cold. He will chew on ice that may have frozen in his water tank overnight. Camel’s hair grows out over the winter into a beautiful coat, which he will begin shedding in May. In October of 2021, Jack was joined by Finnegan (born March 2021).