Thank you for considering a gift to Scovill Zoo! Some of the items below you may already have in your home…and they’ll make life more comfortable for the zoo animals you love! Questions? Please call Director Ken Frye at 421-7435.


Generic Needs
Heavy duty hose reels
Spider monkeys: 2-inch manila rope
Zebra: scratching post
Keepers: leaf rakes, metal grain shovels
Education classes: new microscope with video output
Kayak (300 lbs) to help check lake side of zoo boundary
New (or gently used) towels
New (or gently used) pillow cases, extra-large cases are also appreciated

Animal Enrichment Food Enrichment Items
All food items should be unopened and not expired. Baby food, all-natural/organic Kellogg’s corn flakes or “non-sugary” Kellogg’s cereals, dried fruit, dried spices, fruit paste, all-natural/organic honey JELL-O, sugar-free pasta, uncooked peanut butter, fruit & grain granola bars, grape jelly, pecans, walnuts, Brazil nuts.

Other Enrichment Items: Hand mirrors, Kong toys, heavy-duty sheets (black preferred), cotton tablecloths, cotton perfume/body splash, crib sheets.

CD/tape players, portable generators, laptop computers (less than 3 years old).

Binoculars, coveralls, hip waders, kayak (300 lbs), paddles, life vests, rubber boots, terrariums (10- and 20-gallon with screen rack), extra wide wheelchair, Farm & Fleet gift cards, Petsmart gift cards, Kroger or Walmart gift cards, hay feeder for camels, 6 foot or shorter artificial tree or artificial Christmas tree for owls.

Garden tools, high-quality rakes (leaf and garden), spades, grain shovels.

Veterinary Supplies
Autoclave, pouch track, gram scale, head lamps, hydraulic table, Olsen-Hegar needle drivers, PDS suture material, unused syringes (assorted sizes), dishwashing soap, latex gloves, desk-top scales (up to 30 pounds), 1000 pound floor scales.